Abarth 124 Spider | Guildford Surrey | Bishops Abarth

Abarth 124 Spider

Now available at Bishops Abarth, Guildford Surrey

Available in the 124 Spider or 124 GT Spider, the Abarth 124 range turns fun into something serious. With a curb weight of only 1,060kg and with a weight-power ratio of 6.2kg/HP the weight is concentrated within the wheelbase for a 50:50 weight split, ensuring both performance and agility. Based on the cars racing experience, the superb suspension offers unparalleled handling. Thanks to the sporty suspension and Bilstein shock absorbers, the car offers perfect road holding, greater stability and maximum reliability, especially on bends.

"Abarth has gone all in on its plaque. It features a schematic that will definitely never be the butt of a Haynes manual joke" - Autocar Road Test Editor Matt Prior

Autocar Review

"Less-stressed, torquier turbo engine, and more aggressive than the Mazda - if you like that sort of thing. Good daily driver too." - Top Gear Writer Anonymous

Top Gear Review

"Once on the move, the exhaust note threatens to steal the show, but you’ll soon discover that the Abarth is about more than just a symphony. It corners with a near absence of body roll, with the turbocharger on hand to catapult you out of the bend." - Auto Express Test Team

Auto Express Review

"A thing of joy, thanks to those excellent Mazda fundamentals and Abarth’s superb chassis set-up." - Car Magazine Editor Ben Miller

Car Magazine Review

Customised Driving Style

The Sport button enhances the character of the car which allows for a sportier and more aggressive engine calibration. steering and transmission (on automatic versions). A quick, positive gear change can also be achieved courtesy of the shorter gear-lever.

Precision is in the detail

The attention to detail that stands out in Abarth cars is highlighted even further in the Abarth 124 Spider. The car features racing inspired interiors and Alcantara material upholstery, perfect for a sporty and agile driver.

Unique Identification Number

Craftsmanship is one of the milestones on which Abarth has built its greatest successes and the 124 Spider is no different. The numbered badge represents a certificate of quality and performance that is unique to that car.

Abarth 124 Spider 360° View